About these tutorials

This and the following tutorials are automatically executed with every change of the code to make sure that they are always up to date with the code. As a result, they are designed to require only a relatively small amount of computation time; when using exoplanet for research you will probably find that your runtimes are longer. For more in-depth tutorials with real-world applications and real data, check out the Case Studies page.

At the top of each tutorial, you’ll find a cell like the following that indicates the version of exoplanet that was used to generate the tutorial:

import exoplanet

print(f"exoplanet.__version__ = '{exoplanet.__version__}'")
exoplanet.__version__ = '0.5.2.dev26+g57935f3.d20220111'

That cell also includes a call to the exoplanet.utils.docs_setup function that will squash some warnings (these are generally caused by Theano/Aesara; see Theano vs. Aesara for more info) and set up our matplotlib style.

To exectute a tutorial on your own, you can click on the buttons at the top right or this page to launch the notebook using Binder or download the .ipynb file directly.